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The Innovators Network 
the innovators network logo

Media Coverage

Coverage: The Business Times

Title: Cross-industry network for innovators (by Kara Wang)

"...The Innovators Network, Singapore's first cross-industry network for innovation, was launched yesterday. It aims to be a platform to connect and inspire innovators from various sectors in Singapore..."

: The Business Times (print), and BT Online, 15 May 2014 


Media Coverage

Coverage: TODAY

TitleNetworking platform set up to help SMEs leverage technology (by Tan Weizhen)

"... Launched yesterday, the Innovators Network aims to help SMEs progress further through innovation and technology."

Source: TODAY print, and, 15 May 2014

"Live" Radio Interview

Coverage: 938Live!

Interview with Bharati Jagdish and Andre Ahchak on "The Breakfast Club" 


Jurong Frog Farm

Jurong Frog Farm logo


Media Coverage

Coverage: TODAY

Title: "More awareness needed on importance of food security"

"... Just because agriculture and farming is out of sight for many of us does not mean it should be out of our minds. However, among my peers, I find that young Singaporeans are not aware of the challenges facing food supplies and do not seem to care... we should not take high levels of food security for granted. As a nation, there are four things we should do..."

This was a commentary on food security, reflecting the views of Ms Chelsea Wan, the Director and second-generation owner of Jurong Frog Farm. 

Source: TODAY print, and, 2 Sept 2013.



Media Coverage

Coverage 1: Lianhe Wanbao (print), November 2013

Title: "跳入西餐厅"

This article was about how frog meat was becoming more mainstream, and getting onto the menus of Western restaurants. The journalist (Lin Xin Hui) also quoted Ms Chelsea Wan, the Director and second-generation owner of Jurong Frog Farm, regarding her opinions on the state of the frog-farming industry. 

Coverage 2: Lianhe Wanbao (print), November 2013

Title: "蛙肉进补助清血"

This article featured how frog meat has been used in traditional Chinese medicine remedies to "strengthen blood", and boost health. It mentioned that some dog owners have also used frog meat to supplement their pets' diets, to reduce allergies.  


Online PR

We got the word out about our client, Jurong Frog Farm, on various online communities. Below are some of the prominent features. 

Trip Advisor
We managed the Trip Advisor account for Jurong Frog Farm. We updated account with images, text descriptions, in addition to responding to visitors' reviews. We also worked with the staff at Jurong Frog Farm, to collate email contacts of past visitors, and invited them to provide reviews on Trip Advisor. 

Little Day Out

Little Day Out is an online community for parents and guardians of children to be updated of happenings in Singapore for their little ones. It also sends out regular news to their members. We got Jurong Frog Farm featured on their site for the school holiday activities. 

Title of article: Have a "Froggy Time" at the Jurong Frog Farm in December

What's Happening Sg

This is an event-listing site of happenings in Singapore. This site is moderated, and has an editor, ensuring that only legitimate events get featured. We got Jurong Frog Farm's multiple events listed onto What's Happening Sg. 


Singapore-Myanmar Film Festival 

Singapore Myanmar Film Festival

Media Coverage

Coverage: Straits Times "Life!" section (print), 5 July 2013 

Title: "Singapore Myanmar Film Festival"

Film critic, John Lui, introduced some of the films to be featured at the Festival, and included a screen-grabs of "Bungkus" and "The Bamboo Grove".  



Media Coverage

Coverage: The Myanmar Times (online), 15 July 2013 

Title: "Festival of Myanmar flicks draws crowds in Singapore"

We facilitated media interviews with the winners of the film festival in Singapore.  


Media Coverage

Coverage: IS Asia City, July 2013 

Title: "Singapore Myanmar Film Festival"

I-S (Singapore) is part of the Asia City Network is an online lifestyle news site which features happenings, restaurants, shopping recommendations, travel, etc.

The Singapore Myanmar Film Festival was featured under "Singapore-Movies" section. 



Media Coverage

Coverage was also secured in the following media: 

> TimeOut Singapore

Myanmar in Singapore

> Honeycombers Singapore

> Littlesteps



 Vitalstrak logo


Media Coverage

Coverage: EZY Health, Nov 2013 

Title: "First in Asia Mobile Health App for Chronic Disease Management"

EZY HEalth is a Singapore health magazine, and features health-realted articles. You can read past issues online at

Media Coverage

Coverage: Medical Grapvine, Nov 2013 

Title: "Vitalstrak Launches First Mobile App for Chronic Disease Management"

" cloud-based mobile application (app) by Vitalstrak Pte Ltd for personal health management and monitoring aims to drastically improve chronic disease management.

Vitalstrak is the first app in Asia to enhance medication adherence and health monitoring.
therefore subsequently reducing hospitalisation and healthcare costs for chronic disease



Greenmax Lighting

Greenmax lighting logo


Media Coverage

Coverage: ChannelNewsAsia
: "First designed-in-Singapore solar lamps to be launched on Wednesday"

"... Simax Materials Solutions said the new range of indoor and outdoor lamps are alternatives for decorative and ambiance lighting.

The managing director of Simax Materials Solutions, Simon Tiong, said: "The solar lamps currently available in the market are designed and made overseas. Most of such lamps I've seen are merely functional, with simplistic designs and limited range of colours. Our Solar Candles and Sun Jars will come in fun shapes and coloured shades to create different moods for different purposes."... "

Source:, under Singapore News, 12 October 2010
(originally at:

Media Coverage

Coverage: Lianhe Zaobao

Title: 明阳太阳能"蜡烛"

This article introduced the new models of the solar lamps to be launched aroud Chinese New Year 2011, with images of various lamps. 

Source: 联合早报 Lianhe Zaobao (Print article)

Website Content Development

Website URL:

We interviewed the founder of Greenmax Lighting and crafted the copy for various pages, such as their "Founder's Message", "Our Team", "LED Lights", "Solar Lights", and others. 

Simax Materials Solutions

Simax logo

We conducted half-day training for Simax and Greenmax staff on social-media marketing, and basics of press-release writing.

 NUS Business School

We did NUS Business School's Biz Leads:
Issue 1
Issue 2 

 and commentaries (contact us for samples of these)

Local Software Company


We interviewed the founder, and crafted articles, such as “How to Choose an Enterprise Resource Planning software" for the “Resources” section of their website.   


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