Cloud Camp Singapore

We were at CloudCamp for OpenStack ("Stackup") Singapore 2014, co-organised by IDA, HP, OpenStack Foundation and ClearManage on Cloud camp Singapore on 18 Feb. We were there to understand about Clod Computing, so that we can better service clients in the Cloud Computing sector. 

The seminar room was filled with IT professionals, such as developers and system administrators. Since we are not IT professionals ourselves, we could not appreciate the more complicated aspects of technology, but we did pick up some basics. 

Dave Nielsen, the Co-Founder of CloudCamp, welcomed the crowd and gave an overview about Cloud Computing, and what CloudCamp was about. We're proud to see a local company, ClearManage, as one of the co-organisers of an educational movement like this. 

Cloud Computing has been around since the 1990s afterall. Just that it was better known as "SaaS", and "Web APIs". Services such as Yahoo Mail or Hotmail can even be considered as the early forms of Cloud Computing.

From around 2006 onward, enterprises and developers didn't have to buy server space anymore, as "Platform as a Service" and "Infrastructure as a Service" became available. 

Dave thinks that Cloud Computing is unstoppable for these reasons:
- on-demand
- self-service
- scalable
- Measurable

There are also Open-Source (read as "free") cloud computing software such as "OpenStack" for the community to tap on. Our government agency, IDA (InfoComm Development Authority of Singapore), is also promoting Cloud Computing. We foresee more exciting times for the IT scene ahead.

Are you an IT professional? Or knowledgable about Cloud Computing? Share your thoughts with us on where we can educate ourselves further on Cloud Computing.

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