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24 January 2011


Simax Materials Solutions will be launching a new and improved range of indoor solar lights with festive themes. To be available from 25 January onwards, this new range of solar lights  will be better performing than Simax's first designed-in-Singapore lamps that were featured in Channel NewsAsia on 12 October last year.

With an aim for continuous improvement, engineers at Simax toiled over the past few months to improve the lighting duration of its indoor solar lights. After much research and prototype development, they have successfully doubled the duration of lighting and improved the brightness for such lights. These new solar lights would be 20% brighter and be able to stay lit for up to 16 hours after full charging, a 100% improvement from the current duration of eight hours. 

The new range of enhanced solar lights would consist of eight new designs. In line with the impending Lunar New Year, there would be a special design in the shape of a gold ingot. There would also be a red, heart-shaped design, suited for gifting to loved ones, especially near the Valentine's Day season. Two of the new designs will be shaped like apples, in red and green colours, to remind one about healthy eating. Additionally, there would be new solar candles in  amber, red, blue and green to brighten up the surroundings. 

The solar lights from this new range of  are water resistant and robust enough to function well even after being subjected to rain or intense sunlight. They can be placed at locations with harsher conditions, such as on window sills, and still perform as expected. 

These indoor solar lights are not just for individuals who want beautiful lighting in the homes, but also suited to be special gifts to loved ones, and for restaurants and hotels which are looking for ambience lighting at economical prices. 

Simax will continue to extend it range of themed solar lights for other festive seasons. For example, it plans add designs such as Easter Egg for Good Friday in April, and other new designs for local celebrations. 

“These indoor solar lights will make thoughtful gifts for various festivals. They are practical yet decorative. At the same time, you can take heart in doing a part for conserving the environment by reducing electricity use,” elaborated Mr Simon Tiong, the Managing Director of Simax Materials Solutions. 

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About Simax Materials Solutions

Founded in 2006 with the aim to provide cost-effective and innovative packaging solutions, Simax Materials Solutions Pte Ltd. (Simax) services end-consumers and corporate clients from a broad spectrum of industries.  Our portfolio of well-respected brand-names in the medical, logistics, food, electronics and hospitality sectors is testimony to the quality of our products and services. Our list of clients includes MNCs such as 3M, Hitachi, Emerson, Wincor Nixdorf, Ciba Vision, ST Electronics, Marina Bay Sands, TNT, Molex and Flextronics for our industrial products.

From beginning 2010, the company has ventured into Eco-friendly lifestyle products and Solar Lights were added as another core product.  It designed and developed reliable indoor and garden solar lights, which were first launched in September 2010. Gradually more Solar products such as gate light, street light and floor tiles, as well as LED Lightings,  are added to  the product range. For more info, visit: 

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