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12 October 2010 


Simax Materials Solutions is launching  the very first solar lamps designed in Singapore. To be made available from 13 October, the new range of indoor and outdoor lamps will make colourful alternatives for decorative and ambience lighting. 

The new indoor solar lamps include a range of Solar Candles and Solar Jars. Mr Simon Tiong, the Managing Director of Simax Materials Solutions, said, “The solar lamps currently available in the market are designed and made overseas. Most of such lamps I've seen are merely functional, with simplistic designs and limited range of colours. Our Solar Candles and Sun Jars will come in fun shapes and coloured shades to create different moods for different purposes.”

These indoor solar lamps are not just for individuals who want beautiful lighting in the homes, but also for restaurants and hotels which are looking for ambience lighting at economical prices. Unlike candles made of wax and wicks which are conventionally used for creating a romantic atmosphere, the Solar Candles and Sun Jars will not be fire hazards.

Another new range of solar lamps by Simax Materials Solutions are designed for outdoor use. The designers at Simax have created them to last longer without compromising on the brightness. 

“The biggest problem existing outdoor solar lamps is that they don’t last long enough after charging. The problem is worsened when there is heavy rain or if there isn't enough sunlight during the day. The light from the lamp will also be dim since the lamp doesn't get fully charged. Our new outdoor solar lamps have addressed that problem,” elaborated Mr Tiong.  

When compared with a conventional solar lamp of 3 Watts, the new outdoor solar lamps by Simax with the same power output would be able to last up to 30 hours. Simax's new lamps use lead batteries to sustain the light longer.

As both ranges of solar lamps are powered by the sun, there is no need for home-owners or restaurateurs to incur additional costs of using these lamps repeatedly. Like other solar lamps, Simax's new lamps contain mini solar panels to capture the sun's rays, which in turn charge batteries to be used to light up a bulb. Some models of these new outdoor lamps will also have built-in motion sensors which make the lamps dimmer when there is little or no movement detected. Thus, the stored solar energy can be saved for later use, making these lamps last even longer.  The solar panels and batteries used for the indoor lamps, the Solar Candles and Solar Jars, can potentially last for one year under proper care.  

“I hope to encourage an environmentally-friendly lifestyle among Singaporeans, without compromising on design and performance. These new lamps will be longer-lasting while adding fun and beauty to the surroundings,” enthused Mr Tiong.  

With prices as low as $9, these solar lamps could be ideal as corporate gifts for companies or door gifts at events. The lamps can be purchased directly from Simax or be ordered through its website at 

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About Simax Materials Solutions   

Founded with the aim to provide cost-effective and innovative packaging solutions, Simax Materials Solutions Pte Ltd (Simax) services clients from a broad spectrum of industries. 

Our portfolio of well-respected brand-names in the bio-medical, logistics, food, electronics and hospitality sectors is testimony to the quality of our products and services. Our list of clients includes MNCs such as Hitachi, Emerson, 3M, Wincor Nixdorf, Philips, Schering-Plough, Flextronics, Sands Marina Bay and TNT.

Incorporated in 2006, Simax operates its headquarters in Singapore with a branch office in China. Our founders, with each more than 20 years of experience in MNCs’ manufacturing, procurement, warehouse management and logistics professions, ensure that Simax provides appropriate solutions to our customers’ satisfaction. We pride ourselves in being able to render our services and products at economical prices with exceptional quality.

Our core products are pallets made from plastic, foam, paper and eco-friendly wood, which can be customized as required. We offer the lightest durable pallet in the world. We also offer cartons and crates, fibre drums, assemblies and packaging solutions to our customers. 

Responsible corporate citizenship is another priority at Simax. We are committed to a sustainable environment, through reduction of material usage in the manufacturing of our products and ensuring that they are recyclable. As part of Simax’s growth strategy, we are moving into the rapidly growing Solar Eco-friendly sector.

Building on our past success, we look forward to being the vendor-of-choice for packaging solutions in Singapore and South-East-Asia region.  For more info, visit:

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