24 September, 2013

A new cloud-based mobile application (app) by Vitalstrak Pte Ltd for personal health management and monitoring aims to drastically improve chronic-disease management. Vitalstrak is the first app in Asia to enhance medication adherence and health monitoring, therefore subsequently reducing hospitalization and healthcare costs for chronic-disease sufferers.

Poor treatment adherence is a common problem among chronic disease sufferers. For example, a survey in 2012 by Diabetic Society of Singapore found that only 1 in 2 diabetic patients take their medication regularly and 3 in 10 self-monitor their blood sugar levels. Diabetes and many other chronic diseases can bring about complications, hospitalizations and even premature death. if not properly managed.

Vitalstrak can help chronic disease sufferers take better care of themselves by reminding them to take medication, track types and quantities of medication taken, and alert them on refills. It also includes reminders for them to track health indicators such as blood glucose, blood pressure, asthma, body temperature, weight, and pain; all in one app. The app can set off action plan reminders if patients post abnormal health test readings. By tracking their health, patients can see trends. This increased awareness could motivate them to make better health choices and improve their health through increased adherence to medication.

"Our app is the first in Asia that allows consumers to manage medication and multiple health conditions on the go. It is un-expensive, and can potentially enhance patients' compliance to medication and monitoring regimens.” said Mr Peter Soh, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Vitalstrak.

There might be multiple reasons why patients fail to follow their recommended treatments. Hence, Vitalstrak allows patients to rope in their family and friends for support in a number of ways. The app can alert these caregivers through SMS and emails about missed medication and health tests, abnormal readings, refill needs or the use of rescue medicine to resolve an acute health episode. A graduated series of alerts can be sent to different family members and friends, so that they can either remind the patients or go to their aid.

"Informal family care-giving has always be an important source of support. We believe that the ability to leverage busy and employed family members and friends effectively is crucial in long term care." said Mr. Soh.

Vitalstrak can be downloaded on Google Play and iTunes App Store and all trackers are free for use with a 7-day data limit on the device. Subscription is required for online health data upload and use of SMS alerts. The company will demonstrate its cloud-based mobile app during the Techventure 2013 from 25-26 September at Suntec Singapore.

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