online PR


PR is generally about building relationships and influencing stakeholders. Online PR then would be about influencing online media/ news sites, online communities and online audiences. It is about raising brand awareness through search engines, blogs, forums, discussion boards and other online communication tools. It is about getting others to speak well of you in the online world.


Sources on internet estimate that Google, the world's leading search engine, has seen an average of 3 to 5-billion searches per day in 2013. The actual number of global searches could be higher, if other search engines were considered as well. With daily internet searches numbering more than half of the world's population, it is getting ever more important to be seen favourably on the web.


We have helped our clients in online PR through managing online communities such as Trip Advisor accounts, being seen on forums (e.g. Hardware zone, Kiasu Parents), online communities (e.g. Little Day Out, TimeOut Singapore), and pitching stories to relevant bloggers.


Make favourable impressions online to your potential customers. Contact us to help you enhance your online PR.

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