What is PR

Some people are not quite sure what Public Relations (PR) is. PR campaign can be either one of the following:

- your corporate communications (to report to your shareholders, members, donors, students, existing clients)

- strategic part of your marketing efforts (in addition to your advertising)


What are the components of a PR campaign?

public relations process


R: Research


You would want to know what others are talking about you, or if anyone is saying anything at all. We can help you find out through an intelligent analytic platform from Melioris, that will tell you the quantity and quality of the comments about you.


A: Analysis and planning


Our team will work with you to review the ongoing conversations about your organisation and set "SMART" objectives for a public relations campaign. You can choose to work with us for just a specific project, or on an ongoing basis to raise the profile of your organisation.


C: Communication


We will work with you to understand your overall marketing strategy and use appropriate communication tactics to help you reach out to the right people in the right way.

We are skilled in:

- Media Relations 

- Online PR

- Social-media engagement

- Strategic writing 

- Website Content Development

- Graphic design


E: Evaluation


To find out if your communication tactics created more conversations and if there are any changes in perceptions, we will monitor the media and use Melioris analytic platform to help you gather data. You can then determine the next steps forward, after arming yourself with information.


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