Together with our partner, Melioris Pte Ltd, we can help you monitor your brand reputation online. We can help you find out what others are saying about you.


Enter Melioris Social Media Analytics. It will crawl the web for you to bring you statics from all over. You can get topline results in the summary view:

Melioris Analytics summary dashboard




This tool allows you to see number of mentions by page type, such as blogs, news sites, Twitter, Facebook, forums, etc, by date.  

Melioris Analytics mentions volume




You can drill down details, such as the top news sites mentioning your product or service.

Melioris Analytics news sites



You can even insights into the types of topics people are talking about when they mention your product or service. Shown below is a “topic cloud” for a popular electronics brand, Samsung.

Melioris Analytics topics cloud



You can also get a guage if people are talking positively about you, by looking at the “sentiments” analysis, as shown below.

Melioris Analytics sentiments



If you want regular updates, you can set the system to send you “alerts” via email. If you still think that you need a living person to help you verify the data, Melioris has multi-lingual teams in various countries to decipher it for you.


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