PR for non profits

We understand that non-profit organisations (NPOs), and non-government organisations (NGOs) especially in Singapore, are faced with budget shortfalls year after year. NPOs such as Volunteer Welfare Organisations (VWOs), animal-protection groups and others face   increasing competition for donors' dollars, volunteers' time and staff's talents. In Singapore, there are more than 2,000 registered charities. You might say there are many other NPOs which may not be registered as “charities”. True. 

So, how can your NPO in Singapore stand out from the others? How can you tell your story better, expand your  reach, and connect with the public more effectively?

Let us help you do the following:

- Promote your cause/ services/ organisation
- Share your achievements with your donors/ volunteers/ public at large
- Build community (among people who believe in you)
- Positively influence strategic partners
- Promote goodwill

We'll work with you to understand your NPO (operating in Singapore) and deploy one or more of our services below. 

We have special rates for you, so that you can spend the extra money on your beneficiaries. 

Let's talk more. 


Our Offerings Overview

PR can be part of your marketing
or corporate communications efforts.

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Our Offerings Media Relations

We can get you in the news.
Leverage the media for greater outreach.

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Our Offerings Online PR 

Online reputation is getting
increasingly important.
We can create online buzz for you.  

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Our Offerings Social Media 

Being “social” isn't just about setting up an account. We can help you with engagement.


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 Our Offerings strategic writing

Communicate effectively with well-crafted messages. Be seen as experts in your field.

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Our Offerings analytics

This Analytics software can
give you insightful reports about what others are saying about you.

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Our Offerings graphic design 

Jazz up your communication materials with visuals. Design is another area of our work.  

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