PR for start ups

Starting a business from scratch is a lot of hard work, just like rowing a boat manually. In Singapore, the legal procedures are rather straight-forward. However, a pro-business environment like Singapore naturally attracts entrepreneurs from all over the world, and thus makes the landscape more competitive.

You'd probably have wonderful ideas for your business already. The next step to consider is how to get yourself known. How would you get potential customers to notice you, and choose you among other products or services?

We can be the "motor" for your boat. We can help you make things easier, by getting more people to know you through getting you into the news or engage in online PR. We can also help with writing content for your website or design your collaterals

If you're not a founder yourself but work for a start-up we believe you'd also want more people know of your company's brand or what you have to offer.

We've helped local start-up get into the news. We are in discussion with many others to grow their start-ups into viable businesses.

Talk to us on how to grow together with good PR and marketing.


Our Offerings Overview

PR can be part of your marketing
or corporate communications efforts.

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Our Offerings Media Relations

We can get you in the news.
Leverage the media for greater outreach.

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Our Offerings Online PR 

Online reputation is getting
increasingly important.
We can create online buzz for you.  

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Our Offerings Social Media 

Being “social” isn't just
about setting up an account.
We can help you with engagement.              


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 Our Offerings strategic writing

Communicate effectively
with well-crafted messages.
Be seen as experts in your field.

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Our Offerings analytics

This Analytics software can give you
insightful reports about what others
are saying about you.

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Our Offerings graphic design 

Jazz up your communication materials with visuals. Design is another area of our work.  

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