PR for tech companies

It's exciting to be in a technology company. You must be at the forefront of innovation, as part of a technology company. You're probably seeing cool gadgets coming out from your company, or have smart software that can help to automate mundane tasks.

Regardless of the type of technology company you are, you've probably thought at some point: “My technology is fantastic! It has so many capabilities. People will definitely benefit from it. How to make more people buy it? How to market my technology?”

Kazoo Communications is skilled in technology P.R. and marketing. We've helped tech companies get into local news, enhanced their online presence, and advised them on their social media engagement.

Our clients include those from software/IT sector, green-tech companies, lighting med-tech/ health-related technology, telecommunications, cloud-computing, etc. Take a look at our past works to see what we've done for our clients. 

We are frequently at local tech events, and blog regularly about technology. Feel free to browse through our entries on Cloud Computing, 3D Printing, made-in Singapore technological innovations.

Partner us to help you get more people to know your company and your technology. Focus on what you are good at – making products and services that can help your customers. We'll help you spread the good word about you.

Our clients in the technology sector have boosted their branding and online presence with our help.

Let us help you too. Contact us to speak further. 


Our Offerings Overview

PR can be part of your marketing
or corporate communications efforts.

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Our Offerings Media Relations

We can get you in the news.
Leverage the media
for greater outreach.

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Our Offerings Online PR 

Online reputation is getting
increasingly important. We can create
online buzz for you.  

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Our Offerings Social Media 

Being “social” isn't just about setting up an account.
We can help you with engagement.


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 Our Offerings strategic writing

Communicate effectively
with well-crafted messages. 
Be seen as experts in your field.

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Our Offerings analytics

This Analytics software can give you
insightful reports about what
others are saying about you.

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Our Offerings graphic design 

Jazz up your communication materials
with visuals. Design is another
area of our work.  

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